• Discipulus™ 5 Genetic Programming Predictive Modelling:

    NEW in Discipulus 5.2:
    • Data Preprocessing and Preparation:
      • Clean, transform and split your data for Genetic Programming.
      • Find outliers and perform statistical and graphical analysis on your data.
    • Ranking Fitness Functions directly evolve solutions for high Area Under the Curve (AUC), Lift, and Minimum cost.
    • Evolutionary Logistic Regression produces a true probability as output.
    Genetic Programming advantages...

    Blog: Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithm Using Discipulus

    Discipulus™ Applications
    Markets and Corporate Finance
    Discipulus is applied to wide veriety of corporate problems such as Risk analysis and modelling corporate health.
    Biological Sciences
          Discipulus™ is deployed into numerous Fortune 500 companies to find solutions using Genetic Programming. Discipulus™ is applied to Data Mining, problems requiring predictive Analytics, Classification,ROC Curve and Regression analysis.
    GeoPhysical & Environmental Sciences
    Engineering and Other Applications